I’m a multimedia reporter and feature writer. But you can just call me Lauren.

In my time as a storyteller, I’ve had some pretty incredible experiences. I’ve shot guns with a Venezuelan Olympic pistol shooter in Miami. I almost hit three deer driving to the tiny town of Nucla, Colorado, where every head of household is required to own a gun. I watched a Mayan midwife correctly guess the sex of my guide's unborn baby by simply pressing her hands against the woman's swollen belly in a shack in southern Mexico. This summer, as a features intern at The Washington Post, I wrote about standing in line at the Supreme Court, a puppeteer who made Star Wars costumes for the Washington Nationals’ mascots and a how-to summer flirting guide for pool-goers.

When I'm not reporting, I'm a fangirl of beatnik books, horror movies, binging on Broad City and traveling everywhere. Oh, and fish tacos.