30 by 31

mini me I turn 30 tomorrow. When I was very young, I thought this occasion would feel a lot more momentous. Not so much. I guess I should’ve known better after 16 and then 21 failed to deliver the Jake Ryan-leaning-on-a-red convertible and booze-soaked memories that every little girl’s princess dreams are made of.

But I am looking forward to the year ahead. Especially since 29 pretty much sucked. (I gave into the wallowing that comes with a move, unemployment and a dwindling metabolism. Guilty as charged.)

Most people, when they approach their 30th year of existence, reflect on the past three decades and attempt to accomplish a bucket list of must-do’s before the big day rolls around. But since I spent the past year in the muck, and only recently started to turn things around (a new job! I’m writing again! More salads!), I’ve decided to give myself an extension and compile 30 things I hope to check off my list by the time I hit 31.

So goodbye 20s — you were ridiculous and emotional and exhausting and amazing; basically the age-equivalent of the drunk girl at the party who’s crying one minute and karaoke singing Shania’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” the next. I’ll miss (parts of) you. And hello 30s. You’re gonna be busy.

1. Travel to a new country.
2. Travel to a new state.
3. Successfully do one pull-up. (I have zero upper body strength.)
4. Do crow pose. (See #5)
5. Go to a bar by myself. (I’ve done it airports but a chardonnay on a layover doesn’t really count does it?)
6. Read “Infinite Jest.”
7. Re-read “On The Road.”
8. Perform at a local storytelling event.
9. Get health insurance.
10. Get my own phone plan. (Perhaps the most embarrassing item on this list.)
11. Run a 5K without walking (a runner I am not).
12. Paint a large canvas for my new office.
13. Get a tattoo.
14. Quit social media for a month and then write about how amazing it felt after the initial withdrawal.
15. Learn how to poach an egg.
16. See a musical.
17. Go to New York again.
18. Go on a ghost hunt.
19. Start a book club.
20. Throw a fancy dinner party for friends.
21. Volunteer at least 3 times.
22. Get back into tennis.
23. Try reiki and/or a past life regression in Sedona.
24. Try a new Phoenix restaurant or bar every month.
25. Travel to Arizona wine country.
26. Keep a plant alive for more than a month. (Perhaps the most difficult item on this list.)
27. Improve my Spanish.

*I’ve decided to leave a few slots open to be filled as the year progresses. Plus, a gal has to have a few secrets.

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